Our staff researches and maintains data on comparable sales transactions in a 17-county area of Central Texas through MLS memberships, CAD and deed record searches and relationships with individuals in each area who are familiar with the market.

Below is an illustration showing the counties in which Graham and Associates has appraised property. Please call us at (512) 754-7440 if you have any questions regarding fees in any county.

Our flood data is obtained from FEMA and updated regularly. We subscribe to a constructions cost data service which consists of an initial manual and regular updates as construction and labor costs change in the area.

Our appraisal reports are prepared on specially designed "Total 2000 for Windows" appraisal software which is updated regularly in order to comply with changing regulations and to provide the most functional,
"user friendly" report possible. We use the latest available versions of Word and Lotus software. All of our reports adhere to regulatory and lender guidelines.

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