Graham and Associates, Inc.
Texas Certified Real Estate Appraisers in Central Texas
We appraise the value of all types of properties, from single and multi-family residential properties, condominiums/PUD units, vacant lots, acreage, and all types of commercial properties. We have considerable experience in the field of eminent domain appraising for several government agencies.
In a real estate transaction, you should insist on using the most professional and knowledgeable appraiser to determine the value of the property. We are proud to be uniquely qualified to serve our clients.
We have earned every vital license, certification, and professional designation pertaining to our field – and they are all current.
Owner Don Graham is a former mortgage banker with 12 years experience as an underwriter. He and the other appraisers on staff participate in continuing education to stay current with Texas law, real estate and banking issues.
Most critical is our knowledge of the market in the Central Texas area. We simply have no competitors in this area. We have included detailed information about our qualifications and proof of coverage on this site.
Our clients include:
Banks and financial institutions - commercial, light industrial, subdivisions, mixed use developments, office buildings, and residential appraisals
Mortgage companies - single family and 2-4 family residential appraisals
Government (State/TxDot, school districts, County, local, and Federal/FAA) - permanent and temporary easements, right of way acquisitions, property takings
Attorneys (tax, estate, estate planning, divorce) - property dispositions/settlements, easements and encroachments, property value. We have litigation experience.
Individuals (sellers and buyers) - we have the experience and expertise to determine market value for a large variety of property uses.
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